Testing the correct color shade for the Aero C 104

The new coloring of the Aero C 104.237 was clear, we want the original, historically documented color scheme. Since the owner of the aircraft is the Military History Institute Prague, by mutual agreement we decided to go with one of the one of the trainer aircraft that flew at the Military Aviation Academy in Hradec Kralove. The problem is a little bit that the coloring of Czechoslovak military aircraft in the immediate post-war period is full of ambiguities, lack of relevant documentation, but myths and rumors that have little to do with reality. According to the documents available to us, two colors can be considered for the Aero C 104, either RLM 02 or RAL 6013. We applied samples of both colors to the fuselage, and after attaching a canvas sample from Aero C 104.24 with the original paint preserved, we decided on RLM 02. We would like to thank a few people for their consultations, in particular Pavel Klouček, Jan Máče, Jan Sýkora, Richard Plos and Jaroslav Matoulek.