Zlin C 305

Aircraft of the Zlín Trenér series are today among the legends of the Czechoslovak aviation industry. The first Trenér, the Z 26, flew in 1947 and until 1974, when the last Trenér Z 726 left the production line in Otrokovice, 1457 machines of this series were built. Primarily intended for the military and training new military aviators, later, when basic pilot training in Czechoslovakia was transferred to the paramilitary organisation Svazarm, the Trenérs were flown under civilian registration.

The Zlín C 305 is the military version of the Zlín Z 326 and is the last version of the Zlín Trener to be introduced into the armament of the Czechoslovak military air force. It was produced in only ten pieces, which, apart from the military livery, differed in their equipment for night flights, military radio station, as well as, for example, a flare thrower.

The first military C 305 was flown by the manufacturer in Otrokovice in July 1960. The next nine Trainers for the army were flown in November. The Air Force took delivery in two blocks in December 1960 and February 1961. All the aircraft served at the flight school in Košice, where they were used to train military aviators, and some sources say that they were also used to train student pilots from outside the communist bloc.

To this day, only our aircraft, serial number 0612, has survived in flying condition with original livery and with original military equipment.

Technical data

Engine: Avia M 137A
Power: 135 kW (180 HP)
Wingspan: 10,6 m
Length: 8,0 m
Empty weight: 665 kg
Take-off weight: 975 kg
Maximum speed: 244 kph
Service ceiling: 5200 m
Range: 475 km