The liberation of Czechoslovakia, specifically its western part, by the American army in 1945 is in a series of photographs associated with jeeps, Sherman tanks and … an inconspicuous workhorse, a three-axle GMC CCKW truck. It can be found in a number of photographs, not only from the city of Pilsen, but from all the places from which the American army drove the Nazis out.

Technical data

Engine: GMC 270
Power: 104 HP (76,5 kW) at 2.750 rpm.
Width: 2.235 mm
Length: 6.928 mm
Standby weight: 5.420 kg
Total weight: 7.920 kg
Maximum speed: 80 km per hour
Transmission: five-speed Warner, no synchronisation
Reduction gearbox with transfer case: two-speed, manually shifted with switchable front axle drive

You can see how the reconstruction of our GMC CCKW 353B progressed here.