Dodge WC 52

This car is known as „Big Jeep“. Originally was made as a weapons carrier, specifically for heavy machine gun or light cannon, but it was eventually manufactured in many version. For example command car, light heavy, ambulance or radio car.

During the Second world war was manufactured almost 400 thousands pieces of this car in american factory Dodge in Michigan Mound Park.

Dodge WC literally fought on each fronts, in cold russian winters, in heat of african deserts, in a stifling pacific islands and also in Europe. Americans delivered a huge amount to Soviet Union, because they were not able to make it themselves. Apart from utilization in battlefields Big Jeeps did a tremendous amount of work in the backround, in logistics, at the airfields and in ports.

Although Dodge is all-wheel drive car and it has excelent terrain passability, version WC 52 is different from basic version with addition of reel and front bumper.

This specific car was made in 1944 and US Army used it in Pacific during war against Japan. In Asia remained even after the war and was again redeployed in Korean war on the OSN side. This side defended South Korea before communist aggresion. And then the car was sold to France where was used in the Algerian war. After the end of this war was sold to Austria like redundant and was used by firefighters. In the mid-1990s the car was sold to Czech Republic. It has been renovated to original condition from the Second world war.


Technical Specifications

Engine                                                    Dodge T214, power 80 hp

Engine displacement                               3.772 ccm

Number of cylinders                                6

Maximal speed                                        90 km/h

Consumption                                          28 litres/100 km

Tank volume                                           114 litres

Range                                                     400 km

Width                                                     2,11 m

Height (with canvas cover)                     2,08 m

Height (withtop down)                            1,57 m

Weight                                                    2.518 kg

Payload                                                  800 kg